Old & New

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So, in this time, this article, let me learn English again. So then, let me try to use English in all of this article.. :D

New year usually means that we have new hope and will in a year ahead. And for the year that has passed? Someone will say that let it be a useful experience, though it is good or bad experience. For the good one, just hope that in the next year we can have it again, or more than we can achieve before. For the bad, just pray that we won’t have it happened again.

Old and new can also related to what the speaker in the Jumah prayer said. The main idea is to leave the bad things and take the good things. And it becomes a joke, “to leave the ugly and bad looking sandals and take someone sandals which are better than we have”. :D

But old and new can work together as well. For example, just see the picture in the top of this article. As you can see, the old is represented by the rear mudguard which is already eaten by rust. The SekreBac sticker is also old as well. I guess that it is already 3 years attached in the mudguard. Though it is old and a bit rusty, the mudguard still has its good performance. It’s still do its jobs so the water won’t splash upward. The new thing, as you can see, is the black bicycle bag on the right side of the picture. It looks that there is a shoulder strap hanging on it, but it is my own ‘do it yourself’ thing, alias the shoulder strap is not included in the bicycle bag package. It is said that the bicycle bag is waterproof, or better if weatherproof. But, as it is new, I haven’t try it for long day usage.

Soooo, old and new combines in the same framework. They support each other, with their own functions.

So, what do you think then? Should I change the mudguard, or buy the new mudguard, so it will be new as well? Or, should I make the bicycle bag looks dirty, so it looks old? 

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