Tyre; Tire; Tired; Tiring


Let me try to use English in this article. ; Contain of this post/article is not related to any detail or specification of any brand. If I write so, that’s just based on my experience. :D

Cheng Shin Tire - non series, 26 x 1.50, Made in Taiwan.

Cheng Shin Tire – non series, 26 x 1.50, Made in Taiwan.

It’s been about nearly three years I use Cheng Shin Tire in my bicycle. The rear tyre I attached six – seven months before the front one. So, the rear is more used than the front.

I changed the rear tyre to Cheng Shin Tire in mid – late 2012, after I used Schwalbe Marathon before it. The size is 26 x 1.50, but it looks like 26 x 1.75. And then the front tyre six months later.

Since I do (again) the cycling, two times I had flat tyre in the rear. First was when I came back to Jogja from Semarang, in December 2011. At that time I used that Schwalbe Marathon. The second time was several days ago, when I did cycling with my friends from Semarang (who came to Jogja), near the Prambanan Temple. My friends continued their trip to Solo, and I went back to my home. Not far from Prambanan, I felt that I had ‘suspension’ in my bicycle, though it was not. Then I realized that the rear tyre was nearly flat. So, that was the first time the Cheng Shin Tire had a flat tyre. :D

I don’t know the detail comparison between Cheng Shin Tire and Schwalbe, but most people will say that Schwalbe is better. But in my experience, Cheng Shin Tire is durable as well, with the price is less than Schwalbe. Before I use this pair of Cheng Shin Tire, I used them as well in 2010 – late 2011/early 2012, but in different type/series. At that time, I can say that I was crazier than today. So, in a year, I could reach about 10000 km of distance, for daily commuting and sometimes a daytrip.

FYI : In the picture, the type is C-783P. You can find it in the website under “Standard Tyre”.


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