DIY Backpack / Panniers

In the end of 2011 and early 2012, there was a sale or discount of some items in Eiger Adventure store in almost of their store in Java. Especially for items that were related with bicycle, the discount was up to 50%.

The most wanted items was the panniers. It was left-right sided and also the top. The other aspect was that the top part can be separated from the left-right side part. So if you don’t carry too many things, you can only use the left-right side part. The top part could be used as a regular shoulder bag.

Because of that discount, lots of my friends bought that panniers. I was actually interested to buy it too. But, I guessed I didn’t have enough money as my saving, so I decided not to buy it.

Thinking and thinking again, then I finally decided to make my own panniers that can be used as a backpack. At first, I only modified my old backpack by attaching some hangers in the back part of the backpack. I chose the bigger hanger, so it can last longer and also stronger to hold more weight.

Hanger attached on the back part of my backpack.
Hanger on My Backpack

Then I try to buy some fabrics in the fabric shop in Malioboro. I chose the material, color and also the other accessories. Then I brought it to the bag tailor. After about two weeks waiting, I came back to the tailor and found my backpack had been done. The wrong thing was that I chose the smaller hanger, so it was broken, shown in the picture below. But after I attached the bigger ones, it came back to its performance. Each backpack can hold up to 5-7 kilograms of weight.

The broken hanger, after I got some bumpy roads. But I’ve made it all brand new.
Broken Hanger

Eventhough they were ‘do it yourself’ thing, but with good material and also good use, they can last longer and used in many occasion. I used them when I went to Semarang, Jepara and Sidoarjo-Surabaya in the last 6 months. I hope that they will stay for more months and years.

When I used my panniers on my trip to Sidoarjo and Surabaya, East Java, June 2012.
Cagar Budaya : Gapura Wringin Lawang

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