Is It Fun?!

20120129 Ouwyeahh, this is the first post in English.

Here, we call it ‘fun bike’. That’s right. For some people, the reason of their cycling is for fun. But fun also have its own definition, and it is always different, according to the person’s thought.

When an institution, or university, or government office celebrate their anniversary, sometimes they held a fun bike. In my thought, fun bike is just cycling around the city in a route, and some presents in the end of the event, for those who get their lady luck.

The first paragraph is the beginning, and this writing is nearly reach the end in this paragraph. For me, fun bike event sometimes become fun, but sometimes it is not. It is fun when we want to go cycling for a short distance (just around the city), or when we want to meet others with their own bicycle. It is not when you think that touring is better for you than just cycling around, and we can’t speed up our bicycle, because we share the road with A LOT of cyclists.

Have fun anyway..

Gardena Fun Bike on Sunday, January 29th 2012.


2 thoughts on “Is It Fun?!

  1. that’s fun if you shout at your friend when cyling, but she was’nt heard you, because she was using earphone…remember that’s..?? :-))


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